• Angel Hearst

Where is My Confidence

One of my uphill struggles in life has always been my confidence. I would literally ask myself, “where is my confidence”? I would never feel confident or worthy enough to do ultimately anything. I always nominated someone else because I thought everyone did it better than me. I lacked confidence, period. As challenges arose in my life where my confidence would have to take the driver seat, I stayed in park. I would freeze and do nothing afraid of doing something wrong. I was afraid of embarrassment, chastisement, and humiliation. As I became introduced to my adulthood, I realized that I couldn’t run from the moments that challenged my confidence. They were always going to show up. So I needed to become equipped on how to operate in self- confidence. How do I operate in self- confidence? One of the biggest myths in self-confidence is some inner bomb going off in side of you that makes you see everything different. An “I feel pretty” phenomenon externally changing your perspective about yourself is easy, but false. One of the biggest ways to gain confidence in any area in your life is through repetition. Repeat a practice, repeat an affirmation, or repeat a good habit. Practice makes perfect. As my Bishop says, “Perfect practice makes perfect”. Stop waiting for something to magically take place and assist you in your confidence. Practice your confidence. If you are self- conscious around people and starting conversations, research good conversation starters. If you are a singer and get really nervous, practice your music until it becomes second nature to you. Most of the time we don’t lack self –confidence, we lack skill which makes us unprepared. Not being prepared for a moment will always usher in Self- consciousness instead of self- confidence. Practice your craft then repeat. Make it perfect then you will see the confidence.

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