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Dream #214: Food Deficit

In this dream I was at my church’s annual convention. It is an event we do every year, usually in a different location. It serves for several purposes. It gives time for us to celebrate an event that our Pastor started over ten years ago and it gives families a chance to vacation with reasonable accommodations.

In this dream one of my sisters in Christ and I were in the car going somewhere. Where we were going I was not aware of. While we were driving we saw an old grocery chain that still has a few stores in my hometown. When we looked the first thing we both noticed was that there were live chickens in the parking lot.

We were both so excited and I swerved so fast in the parking lot. The reason why is because I knew that there was a food shortage. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. My sister knew as well. We were ecstatic. We went into the store and asked for the meat section and bought most of the meat there and they gave us the option to order some. We had to leave to go to Wal-Mart to get coolers for all the meat we purchased. We thanked God the entire way. I knew that we hadn’t had real meat or food basically. I knew that we were in a food deficit. I knew that it was a crisis and that artificial food was our only option. We agreed to keep the store a secret and to continue ordering. I also noticed that we had a lot of money but no food.

This is not the first time I have heard prophecies on the food deficit that is coming.

I have heard this from my pastor, from different end time prophecies in the bible and God has revealed it to me by way of other dreams. This blog is meant to document all the times I hear or sense something of this magnitude coming. I will never take for granted any time I hear God’s voice about something. It is imperative that we pay attention and prepare.

Love you readers!!!

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