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Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Thank you for visiting My Potent Perspective. Here you will experience my candid, transparent and organic thoughts and ideas of life. I am very grateful and do not take it lightly that you have stopped to take a read. I hope something you see inspires you to see life through a different lens. I believe it is very healthy to challenge your view by exploring another. With caution of not being contaminated with negativity, discovering is a part of life.

Discover the potency in my perspective. Why is it potent? My view on life is very rich because of vast experiences that have groomed and matured me. My connection with God is vibrant and alive. My relationship with my family and friends keeps me grounded to include my wonderful husband and son.I am a dreamer by nature and a student of life. Never complicated but rather complex, my goal is to share my world with you.

You will have a chance to experience all of this and more.

There are many ways to explore whether you want to read a blog or watch a video. You are welcome to browse as much as you would like.

Don’t be shy! Comment, share and let me know different topics that you can relate to or would like for me to engage. Let’s make this a dialogue blog! Last but never least, if you have any prayer requests that you would like for me to touch and agree with, send them in. I would love to pray with you and for you.

Thank you again for visiting!

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