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Time with My Father

This blog is dedicated to my Father. I have revealed through a previous blog that one of my ways to communicate to my God is through writing. There are times when I write him and he writes back.

Be blessed by our time together:

Me: God. You are! You are everything that I need. You are my sole need. I need, want or desire anything outside of you. Your perfection draws me. Your love embraces me. Your word challenges me. Your voice soothes me. Father I bask in your presence and long to sit no where else. I cast my crown, ideas, motives, personality, and ambition at your feet. I draw nigh to you so that you can draw nigh to me. I love your fragrance. I love your compassion. Likened unto a Father and His child in it's most pure state, doesn't compare to my love for you. It is greater. It is beyond human comprehension. It is likened unto a creation and her maker. Yet the connection is even greater than that. It is a God and His work. I am your handy work. I am not ashamed of why you created me. I will proclaim your word. I will echo your voice. I will obey your commandments. When it gets hard, I will obey. When it gets tight, I will obey. When I get sick, I will obey. When the odds are against me, I will obey. When I am alone, I will obey. You are the reason for existence. You are the reason for all things. I trust you. I hear you. I see you. I know you because of the words you share with me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for accepting me in your will. Thank you for abiding with me. I love you!

God: Enter in the narrow way. For the broad way leads to destruction. Don't take the beaten path. Take the path not chartered. This is a season to get dirty. This is a season to get in the mud. Humble yourself. Consecrate yourself, for tomorrow I will show great wonders. Don't make deliberate mistakes. Don't take unfruitful steps. Don't think unfruitful thoughts. Be conscious of your days. Be conscious of your ways. Be conscious of your words. They will all follow you in this season, like offspring follows their mother. The carelessness of your actions will all abide outside of the womb in this season. They will find you. Don't be careless. Don't be easy. Take the hard way. Take the unpopular way. I will show my wonders. I will show my son. I will show my daughters in due time. Lay low. Work. Lay low. Work. Put away folly. Mature. Grow and work. Work while it is day. NIGHT IS SWIFTLY COMING... No man will be able to work. Work while it is day.... Set up your works to harvest well. Be intentional about your harvest... Tally the work so your harvest can match. A man that doesn't work doesn't eat. It is time to work. Refrain from hazy emotional highs. Embrace the solidity of my truth. My truth is solid. It isn't hollow, shallow or light. It is dense, heavy and deep. It is concrete. It is not abstract. Embrace my truth. Embrace my truth. Embrace my truth. You will witness and partake in my wonders. Follow the recipe. Let love always be your portion. Owe no man nothing but the Love I give you.

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