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I have had such a heavy burden in prayer for the last several weeks. It has become something that I can't stop thinking about. I literally told my husband the other day I want to do a cross- country revival and just preach this one thing to every christian church no matter the denomination. I'll even go on the street corner at this point. That message is "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at Hand".

Now, most human intellect causes you to stop and react to that scripture when you hear it. Some engage the scripture with fear that if they don't repent they will go to hell.... not saying that isn't true, but lets go deeper. Some approach that scripture through a lens of being judged. It makes them feel as if the messenger is being dogmatic and not caring about their feelings and position in life. Some people just take it for what it is.

However none of those are the reason that I would belt that to the top of my lungs at every pulpit I stand in. I would proclaim that truth because a lot of people who fill those same platforms every week need to repent.

This generation clergy has caused so many gaps in the lives of people and their connection with God.

Preachers and non-preachers feel driven to tell people God said something that he never said.


Stop saying God said something and you can't even hear God's voice concerning your own life.

STOP saying that God said something that you never actually heard Him say.

When I was a kid, I would get in trouble because I would question peoples intent who grabbed the mic in my younger years.

I remember one prophet in particular who would come and visit our church. He was a very accurate prophet if you based it on saying the right things to people at the right time. He profoundly broke down the scripture. No matter how on time his predictions were, I could never understand how he could aid in navigating someone's life yet he was almost 700 lbs. That is not an exaggeration. He was so overweight that he would have to walk through our church doors sideways and sit down to preach.

How can this prophet help a group of people who are better off than him. One service he prophesied to my parents and told them that they would be millionaires by the following year.

Needless to say they weren't. I saw them sow, work, sow, and work. They probably gave a million....lol So maybe he was right. Nevertheless, they never became millionaires. At that ripe young age this thought crossed my mind. What if God didn't say that? The very question startled me, because who is that brave? Who is brave enough to lie on God?

Now is anyone perfect.. no. Will we all make mistakes and bad decisions in life, yes.

Make the proper corrections in your life before you decide to assist someone else in correcting theirs. We all have a something that we deal with. Some are visible and some are invisible. But the airlines have it correctly, don't help anyone else with their oxygen mask, until you have yours on yourself.

When you don't properly deal with your issues, you will always mishandle another's.

I started reading this book called "Church Mafia" by Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana. It is a tell all on how he was a sincere Christian pastor in Africa who decided he would rather have fame and a following. He compromised his purity for a combination of black magic, secret societies and many rituals. He stood in front of the pews every week with foul hands and proclaimed what ancestors, familiar spirits and his own intellect said. Yet he would always say it was God. He even talks about how he would go to the deep woods and go to the witch doctors for the next years predictions to spew them in his church new years service.

Isn't that horrible? Let me propose to you that you don't have to do all of that. You can make up a story in your mind. You can analyze someones body language when a certain topic comes up and tell them God said..... You my friend are just as bad. You are causing a GAP between that person and their connection with God. You are creating that gap and representing a false truth. That causes people to loose their footing because now they are being turned towards a direction that wasn't intended for them.

Get help before you help someone else. This generation has excused displaying traits of integrity. This weak and wicked generation says, "you are anointed and called", go and operate without the credentials of holiness. Contrary to popular belief holiness has a look and a sound. No its not long skirts. No its no chapel scarves. Its a life that exudes, displays and proclaims the WORD OF GOD.

Here's the secret!!!! You will always misquote God, if you don't know his word. My Pastor said something so liberating a few months ago. He said, "Prophesy is not a prediction, prophesy is the Word of God". God has, will and will always speak his Word about a matter. He will not go outside of that. So stop going outside of that. Stop giving a congregation a general word that God is going to make everyone in the room wealthy. His word says, by biblical principle, "a man that doesn't work doesn't eat". So now you are going outside of the ordinances of God's word to tickle itching ears.

ITS CALLED LYING. You are lying to people and saying to them that God is going to grant them something that he has already remedied with a solution. Work and you will eat..... I hope this makes sense.

Stop holding a prayer line for single ladies and telling them they are going to get married. If they are tied to unproductive relationships, they are not leaving room for the husband that awaits them. If they have no desire to become selfless and enter in covenant with another person fully committed, you are lying to them. A marriage will not work like that. Prophesy what needs to happen before they get married. Prophesy what needs to happen. Until they deal with unresolved issues, their husband will either not come, or come and leave because he doesn't recognize his favor.

STOP SAYING STUFF GOD DIDN'T SAY. It's messing people up.

Furthermore, you can't help anyone else and not have help yourself. That works in no other arena but the church.


If you are that person, repent, right your wrongs, and consecrate yourself.

You are called, but you can not represent the Holy Spirit in error.

This is for someone in particular. If you need to talk about this further, feel free to reach out to me via email, facebook or instagram. If you feel you need prayer because you have led someone astray with saying things that were not integral but emotionally charged, lets pray!

Get back on track man of God, woman of God and SAY WHAT GOD IS SAYING!!!!

I love you!

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