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  • Angel Hearst

The Curing COVID

Amid the panic of this virus that is spreading at a rapid speed, I pray for any families that have been affected. From being quarantined and isolated to losing loved ones I am praying for you. My perspective is never to minimize any sorrow or sensitivity.

However my perspective is positive.

COVID-19 has brought this nation to a stand still. This virus has affected everything around us. Schools across the nation have shut down. Establishments have shut down. Major corporations have had to find ways to send their employees home to work indefinitely. Everything is headed back to the core of the nation.


What does the home house? The home houses the family.

Parents are becoming the teacher again. Families have to spend full days together. The grocery stores are empty which means, more people are cooking. People are talking again. Work responsibilities have lessened, in some situations. Therefore creating less stressful minds and environments. There is beauty in this ugly crisis.

COVID has caused kids to go back outside and play. COVID has caused workaholics to go home. COVID has caused husbands and wives to talk. COVID has caused the community to come together for the less fortunate families, children and elderly. COVID has caused parents to cook wholesome dinners for their families. COVID has caused parents to be the primary teacher. COVID has caused a re-entry of prayer in our Nation.

There are so many things to be thankful for in the middle of this national crisis.

My prayers go out to any children, students or adults who have to go back to unfavorable situations. For those who find school and work as an outlet. My prayers go out to anyone who is losing their job and resources during this time. My prayers go out to any small businesses that are being negatively impacted. You will find peace. You will find restoration. You will get back everything you have lost and more.

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