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Dream #230: Inception

Once again I was at the grocery store. I was putting away my cart. As I was walking back to my car a young caucasian lady and her son walked past me. The son had to be at least 8 years of age. The little boy looked right at me and said the word, “police”. I looked at the little boy and he was making a snarky little face at me. I immediately got enraged. I was still walking in the direction of my car but I was so furious that I turned around and walked towards the ladies vehicle. She was strapping the little boy in his seat. I walked over to the lady and the little boy and addressed the little boy. “What did you say?” The little boy looked at me startled and confused. I asked him again. The mother stopped and asked me what I was talking about. So I explained to her that her son looked at me and said “police”. They still questioned after my small explanation, what did I mean. I begin to blow up. I told them that I knew that they were plotting against me and that they wanted to call the cops on me. Now the dream was intense in the moment of me standing in my mind having it. Outside of my mind it definitely doesn’t make clear sense. However I knew that they were plotting and were going to try to get me arrested, shot and killed. The mom immediately begins to explain that she is not racist and neither is her son. He probably meant no harm and it was okay, they weren’t going to call the cops. I got so heated I told them, call the cops, so I can tell them I didn't do anything to you. She agreed that nothing happened. I told her that this whole incident was her fault and that she needed to teach her son to accept all colors and not be racist. I told her that she could fix this by telling him to apologize to me. She agreed once again and told the little boy to apologize to me. I said, “that's right, yall need to do better”, and walked away. I went to my mother’s house and when I pulled up the lady and her son were in my mother’s driveway. I was shocked. She got out of the car and told me that someone was recording our interaction and that the video went viral. I immediately thought she was going to be upset and let me have it. I said, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for any of that to happen. She looked at me and said, no it’s okay. A news station reached out to me for an interview and paid me $20,000. She said it was wrong what happened today and it's only right I give you the money. She said the viral video had ruined her reputation in mere minutes and she said if I pay you, maybe you can let the world know that it was a mistake. I felt terrible and said let’s split the money and I’ll post a video. While we were standing there, another news station called her and offered her money to speak. She informed them that I was standing there talking to her. They told her they would give her $30,000 if she could do an interview and convince me to do one as well. We looked at each other with a deceitful, greedy smile and agreed to the interview.

That evening an artist that I sang backup for in real life was having a CD release concert. It was the biggest thing happening that night. We had a sound check so I told the young lady I would go to the interview in between the soundcheck and the concert. She complied, and decided to ride with me so we could go straight to the news station. In the car I apologized to her for the instant negative fame. She chuckled and said, I’ll be racist if it makes me $50,000 in a day. We both laughed but what she said was a bit uncomfortable. She cleared the air by saying, “I'm not really racist that was a joke, did I do it again”? I laughed and told her it was okay. I went to the soundcheck and everything that happened that day was wiped away in the worship that occurred. I thought to myself if God came through in the soundcheck, what is the concert going to be like. It never struck me to repent for my horrible behavior earlier that day. The assumptions that I made with that boy and his mom were wrong. I knew it in my head even though I was dreaming. The money, the interview and the situation meant nothing to me after the soundcheck. All I wanted to do was get this over with so that I could get back and sing and watch a move. I knew that this event that night was going to be the beginning of some type of move. I knew I had to be in position. I went back to the car and told the lady, maybe you can drive my car to the news station and just facetime me. She came up with immediate excuses that she didn’t drive well, she had a bad driving record, etc. I looked at her like, but I saw you in your car and you drove to my mother’s house. I brushed it off and said we can make it quick. We head there but on the way we get very lost. My GPS was spotty and she seemed to have no sense of direction. Her son was in the backseat but he was too young to help in any way. We drove and drove and drove. Eventually I stopped and questioned the whole mission. I wanted to know exactly what the news station told her and where they were located because they seemed to be non-existent. I was about to be extremely late for the concert and I told her I was turning around to go back. I was very burned out and delirious at this point. We stopped on a familiar road that I often see in other dreams. The road was on the side of a mountain and water was on the other side of a short cliff. I looked at her and said, “what is really going on”? She looked at me in an indirect gaze and began to do this evil chuckle. I instantly got scared and confused. She said,”how is it that you guys are always so easy to get”. I said, “excuse me.” She said, “I swear racism is going to make us RICH”? I said, “who is us and you aren’t going to get me.” She said, “well I’m not talking about white people or black people sweet heart. Im talking about the smart-minded vs. the small minded. The smart ones, we are made up of all colors, shapes and sizes. We are everywhere and we trick small- minds. Sweety you are already got”. I looked at the clock and the concert had started close to 45 minutes prior to that moment. I was furious and devastated. I asked her what was all the fuss about making money with the debacle that had occurred and her son. She said, “sweety I don’t even have a son.” I looked back and the little boy was gone. She said, “so basically you are coming with me”. I explained with terror that I had to get to the concert to be in my place. She said, “You won’t see that concert or anything else familiar anymore”. She began to do that evil chuckle again and I woke up.

I was so bothered with that dream when I woke up. You can never say what you won’t do in a situation that you’ve never been in. I could only imagine that I would not have treated that situation the same in real life. Yet why did God allow this dream to go this way in my head?

I don’t ever want to seem I’m minimizing issues like racism that go on in our world. I think there is validity to every issue we face. However this dream did speak to me in a higher frequency.

What if some of the social issues that we have seen in the past 10 years had a level of deception beyond our knowledge.

The inception of the issue plants ideas in our mind that causes one to act out of their own character when feeling compromised. I knew in my real life mind, in that dream, that I was taking that situation too far. However honestly I felt like I was doing my part, to take out on that lady what I felt I saw others go through. Many who know me personally, would agree that I would probably not handle a situation like that the same in real life. Having that altercation with that lady and her son in my dream sparked a feeling of vindication, when in reality, nothing happened.

Quick tip on interpreting dreams: I'm learning with this gift that sometimes God will use you in a situation in a dream to bring more awareness to a matter. If it was someone else, you may interpret the dream by assuming that is how they feel in real life. But when God uses you as the main character you know that somethings are beyond your character. That in turn gives you a better scope of the topic at hand instead of how you feel about the main character.

Is this inception of ideas happening everyday to us. Are we in the middle of being tricked, causing all of us to feel like the next person is truly against us, when they aren't. This plants an idea that makes the bigger, more sinister plan a success every time.

Food for thought.

  • My Potent Perspective.

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