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Dream #211: The Storm is Landing

I was at a grocery store and I saw a storm coming. It looked like a storm with clouds, rain, thunder and lightning. The closer the storm got it sounded like a lot of noise and chaos. I looked up in the sky and saw an aircraft, then another aircraft. I thought they were going to crash. Then I saw another and another. To my surprise there were 1000’s of planes, jets and other strange looking air crafts in the sky. They seemed to be blocking the sun. I was so overwhelmed that I sat down on the ground in disbelief. The noise around me got louder and louder. I began praying because I was getting startled. The Lord told me to be still and watch. So I stopped praying and started looking. The storm came with these muddy dusty clouds. Out of the clouds came this tank/car that looked like a challenger. It was a challenger on steroids. It was wrapped with the words SPECTRUM SEQUEL. I remember in the dream telling myself to remember that so I don’t forget. Then another army tank came out of the cloud and it had the words Mineral Defense. Even though those words were on it, I kept reading it aloud and saying out of my mouth mineral deficiency. I would see mineral defense, but would read out loud again, MINERAL DEFICIENCY. Then I saw a group coming out of the cloud. It was a bunch of woman with their little sons. Their sons were kicking them, scratching them, spitting on them and cursing them. I looked over at the next group coming out of the clouds. It was a group of young girls (elementary age) walking in this pageant. They were in sync and looked stunningly beautiful but they were chained together. And chained to a tank. The leader of the girls was a very unhealthy, greasy older man. I distinctly remember him being sweaty and greasy. The girls were beautiful and almost oblivious to what was happening because they were excited to be in their attire. I looked again and out of the storm came a huge group of deformed human beings. They looked like science projects. Some came rolling out like a soccer ball. Some bounced like rabbits uncontrollably. One came out with no head but was maneuvering with perfect precision and direction. The last thing that I saw come out of the storm was a huge group of army men. I could see them doing drills with a firearm in one hand and baton in the other. They were doing very strange movements.I couldn’t see who was leading them so I got up to see. It was a magician. The magician had a top hat, a rabbit and had his face painted. He was doing silly gestures and magic tricks and the army men were mimicking the same movements but with their weapons. Then I abruptly woke up….

Let’s dissect this dream with the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

The first thing that stuck out to me is that I was at the local grocery in the town I grew up in. This grocery store chain, where I am from, is considered the best grocery in town. It is always packed with frequent shoppers because they are known to have the best produce, meat choices and bakery. I strongly believe God is speaking as I observe this closer.

What do you get from the grocery store? You get food, simple right? God is sending a warning to us to discipline our diets. Something is coming and has already arrived to attack our bodies through our appetites. It is already a well-known fact that sugars and fats are highly addictive. Also the energy-rich foods that leave you wanting more and more. The scary part is this is only a fraction of the problems in the unhealthy foods you are digesting. Sugar collects in your body and is stored semi-permanently to be used for energy that may be needed in the future. Now think about your routine. What does your routine consist of? Are you an avid gym goer? Do you run at least 2 miles a day? Do you do pilates, yoga, or spin cycling? For a lot of us the answer would be yes. But for a lot of us the answer would be no. So what happens to those sugars your body is storing for a rainy day? It goes from semi-permanent to permanent. This causes excess weight to be added to your body, and eventually causes dangerous outcomes to your health. The bible addresses weights. "Lay aside every weight that doth so easily beset you." (Hebrews 12:1) So this indicates that we need to address the weight. Remove the access and discipline your appetite. This will do away with the weight.

These foods are also packed with salt and MSG. Salt is a major factor in the number one killer in America, heart disease. Greater than COVID, AIDS, and cancer. These other ailments are on the incline but still a good distant second from the number one. Salt packs a huge blow to the heart, arteries and valves. The intake of salt can remove decades of years off of your life. Simply because of an addiction. You can be as addicted to salt as you can sugar.

Besides salt and sugar already being the decay to our country, let’s add in the other chemically enhanced ingredients used to add flavor and preserve our foods longer. Fructose Corn Syrup for example is a chemical designed to make your foods sweeter so that the labeling can say 0 grams of sugar without the maker feeling like they are lying to us. The fact of the matter is, they are lying to us. It is more quickly absorbed into the body and a cheaper cost to food suppliers. Those are the only two benefits. Everything else is deadly and this chemical leads to insulin deficiency, diabetes and high blood pressure. All of these are symptoms of, you guessed it, heart disease.

I earnestly believe the Lord is saying, it is time to get wise about our diet. There is a storm coming to the food industry. I asked the Lord if He was preparing us for a drought. But how could there be a drought when a storm is brewing? Rain brings produce. This causes me to believe there will be an influx in abundance of FAKE FOOD. The food we are addicted to is chemically enhanced and dangerous.

The next thing that stuck out to me was the noise and the air crafts in the sky. The noise was faint and then got louder and louder as if a train were approaching. It became startling and unbearable at one point. I was terrified because I didn’t know where the chaotic noise was coming from until I looked up. The air crafts to me represents the things going on over our head. Have you ever heard the phrase, “that went over my head?” That usually implies something is happening but it's not being understood, perceived or merely missed. So what are we missing? We are missing pertinent information. Feeling shock and unprepared comes when a tragedy approaches that you didn't expect. I am writing to tell you a great tragedy is approaching. Something worse than what we can currently see. It’s not coming from a horizontal place, but vertical. As believers we are not called to wrestle with the flesh, but principalities and powers in high places. (Ephesians 6:12). The air crafts in my dream foretell that this chaos is coming from a high place.

Out of the storm came a lowered tank that resembled a car. The car was wrapped with the words, “Spectrum Sequel” on it. Now spectrum has different meanings according to the American standard definition. However I was prompted to not look at an American definition of the word but just look at the first thing that came to my mind. The first thing that popped in my mind was the company “Spectrum” that I used to work for. They specialize in everything media. They are a branch of the number one cable communications tower in the United States. My favorite part of this job was that we were able to watch TV during the day. We had to be well versed on the options of channels we provided. Our favorite time of year on the production floor was super bowl weekend. That was when all the crazy commercials aired. One commercial that struck me while thinking about this dream was a Challenger commercial that aired in 2018. The commercial had the words Dodge Demon in them. It was promoting the speed car with a certain oil, but the spirit of the commercial was an unleashing of a demon. The demon car speeds down a long dark alley in the middle of the night and knocks over a street sign saying, “share the road” and demolishes a clock. Immediately it was revealed to me that this storm coming would successfully rip our hands away from everything we think we are in control of. It also revealed to me that it would remove our sense of time. There will be no intention on allowing us to be prepared because we will assume time is just on our side. Friends, I am sad to say that time is moving swiftly and beginning to work against us.

The sequel simply represented the next and possibly final faze to this event. This has happened before but we are in the next faze.

Another tank with the words mineral defense appeared. This represents that there is a huge delusion that we are in. It will look as if we are being fought for all while being fought against. The ultimate outcome of Mineral Deficiency is a failing immune system. Something is coming to remove our immune systems away from us. As viruses, disease and pestilence continues to slam our country. We will not be able to withstand the symptoms because we will have nothing to help us fight. We are at war from the inside out. I strongly feel this.

The group of mothers and sons represents the lack of male leadership in the family structure. Our world has become so feminine that it has discredited the effects of the man in our society. The majority perspective of the male species has gone from being the leader, head and source, to becoming the predator, scum and defect to this nation. This perspective is causing the good ones to give up easier. Why fight in a society that wants to see you fail for doing right. Yet will promote you for stepping on the necks of others and passing poison to your generations for success. The male is being wiped out and the boy is being corrupted. This creates a gap between the connection between man and woman. The woman feels depreciated, devalued and let down. In return the spirit of the woman becomes, “I’ll do it myself.” I don’t need a man. That trickles down to the child, which says. “My father is useless.” Now there are those who are privileged to have upstanding amazing men in their lives. I am one of them. My father, brother and husband are present, honorable and capable men. However overall, society shows that the male is absent. This causes boys to not know their identity and lash out. Not necessarily at their mothers but at their own existence.

The young girls represent the superficial and artificial representation of the woman today. We are experts at making things look good when they are not good. The pageant represents a list of things to me. Pageantry has a beautiful side to it. The beauty on display of course is on that side. The awesome community service is a plus. Also the wonderful partnerships and relationships gained through the community and competition. However the dark side can be the money games, unhealthy competition and display of false humility. Now don’t get me wrong. There are some good people out there who do things of this nature and really make change, but not many. Most are money-hungry schemes. The worst are the ones involving little girls. I don’t believe this dream was to shine light on pageants. I do however think it was used to reveal the cost that we will pay to put our self-centered egos on display. The girls were so blinded to the fact that they were chained up and prisoners to an awful vulture. They were more focused on outer extremities. They had not clue they had nothing else. This reveals to me that accolades will blind us from reality. If you have enough people in your corner applauding you, you will dismiss the two people who are trying to tell you what’s wrong about your situation. Accolades are deadly in this season. One's whole life can be in shambles but they can put up a post that gets 300 likes and feel good about their shambles. That is a severe problem and we are in too deep. We will trust a killer with an accolade before we trust a friend with honesty. Lord help us!

The deformed humans represent that our priorities are deformed. We are so busy trying to succeed in what we are not designed to succeed in, that we are deforming our purpose on earth. Humans have two legs, and two arms. We were designed to sit, walk and run. We were not designed to roll or hop. This shows that a false purpose switches our roles and causes us to play out of character. The bible declares that “the earth moans and groans for the manifestation of the sons of God.” ( Romans 8:19) W are not manifesting son ship, we are manifesting desire.

We are deformed, bent and perverted from the origin of what we were created for. Some of us are completely headless and have no sense of direction. We don't know where we came from or where we are going. We are aimless and these kinds of people are usually the first to be deceived.

Lastly the army being trained by the magician represents the church. We the church have been so misled by the corrupt commands of the trainers. My pastor said something that struck me. He said, “the body of Christ is actually small, because there is a remnant within”. This is so true because the average Christian is self- centered. It is very rare that you see Christians today put themselves last. There is no denying of oneself, bearing a cross and following. Now it is more acceptable to attain everything you think you should have, drop the heavy cross and lead your own path. The Body of Christ is full of disease and corruption. The leaders of the body are magicians. They do magic and call it God. They play tricks and call it God. They paint their faces to cover up the ugliness that they operate in and call it God. The sad thing is most of us fall for it every time.

There are so many more facets to this dream. So much more that I didn’t feel should be written at this time.

Please be aware, prepared and courageous. A storm is coming and is already here. Contend for the Faith and become rooted and grounded. Never be ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Proclaim it, share it, speak it, declare it. A time is coming where the noise and chaos is going to drown everything else out. At the end of it all, the only thing that will be left standing is the truth.

Love you all!

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