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One of the many ways God reveals things to me is through my dreams. It’s something that He chooses to do. Since I could remember I’ve always had abstract dreams that tell some type of foretelling or message to a certain person or group of people.

I had this dream about 11 years ago now. In this dream I was at a carnival and the whole world was a part of this carnival. It was night time and I remember the whole world being in line waiting to enter the carnival.. I was standing in the middle of the line with my husband (my friend at the time) and two of the leaders of my church at the time. I had this eerie feeling but I didn't want to damper everyone's excitement about the carnival. It had rides that looked like sky scrapers. It seemed like you could touch the sky on the ride. We were all so excited but I couldn't shake this weird feeling. I was standing in line talking and laughing and the Holy Spirit put his hand over my mouth and told me to be quiet and watch. I stopped talking and started listening and watching everything around me. As I was watching certain things became more magnified. I looked up in the sky and saw this little demon on the moon with measuring tape. He was walking around the moon and laughing. I hollered as loud as I could, "HEY LOOK AT THAT MAN ON THE MOON". Everyone looked up and brushed it off, even though they could see him. I started getting really scared. The demon looked like he was completing a task. As he was walking around the moon he had a red button and he began to laugh really loud and hard and then he pushed the button. The moon blew up to little pieces and it got pitch black. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. All of a sudden moon began hitting earth and killing people. Everyone started running to get away from the debris, but it was so big it wasn't missing anyone. I got so scared I started running but everyone around me kept dying so I decided to kneel down pray for guidance. While I was on my knees praying I began to hear the rocks hitting tin. When I came up off the ground I was in a tin building with my husband and the two leaders I was in line with. When I looked down there was a paper that had TEST written on it with one question, a pencil and a timer. We looked at each other and began to panic. The timer started and we had no clue what would happen once it went off. I started asking them for the answer but no one knew. All of sudden I figured the same way I asked God for protection let me ask him for the answer. I got back on my knees and began to pray and when I looked back on my paper, it was a multiple question that said, yes, no or maybe. I chose yes and woke up.

What is your interpretation?

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