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A letter to my Father

My time devoted to God is one of the most important parts of my life. There are different ways God communicates with me. If you are a frequent reader then you know God speaks to me through dreams. That is not the only way He speaks though. He always speaks to me through his word. There are also times where I write a letter to him. In our special times of communion he writes back. Here is a peek into the potent relationship I have with my King.

I admonish you to replace "me" with your name. Take a minute to recognize God in His greatness. Commune with Him and watch His response to you. He is the great redeemer and He is love. Let it embrace you. Let his words embrace you. Open up your heart to His. Let his response change your perspective and give you a new start.

Me: There are no words to describe my heart for you. This is a special kind of love. The kind where I know I was created just to love and worship you. I find you and myself when I'm alone with you God. All the noise ceases. The distractions become extinct. I live for one. I breathe for one. I will forever follow and seek your face. I will forever be grateful for the saving grace you’ve bestowed upon me. All I am is for you. I was made for you.

I love your voice…… I LOVE YOUR VOICE…. I love your voice. I will die the day I stop hearing you. I will become breathless the day you chose not to breathe on me. Life is my portion in you. You are my beginning and ending. You are eternal and have placed eternity in my heart. Your voice is ointment to my wombs. Your love is healing to my bones. Your word is guidance when I am lost.

I seek to please no other. I have tried seeking the least and greatest and have been found wanting. You are the good shepherd and when I am with you I have no wants. I have no longings or desires outside of you. I was made for you. I was created for you. The connection I have with you is DEEP. I vow to never be shallow.

Your commandments I follow, so that I may please your heart. Never leave me. Never leave me.

Thank you for never leaving me, even in those seasons I left you. My prodigal days left me lost and afraid. You never left and when I returned you were there with open arms and a feast spread before me.

My lack of love never affected you. My lack of commitment never stopped you. My lack of obedience never diluted you. You are and will forever be my king. My king. My Lord. My ruler. I love you because you have shown me love. There is nothing greater.

Your love is radiant and fills the dark rooms of my heart. It casts out darkness and shadows of fear. I am confident in you. I am confident with you. I embrace your authority. I embrace my identity. I doubt nothing you have said about me. My identity is solely found in you. Your love is easy. I love loving you. I love you loving me.

Thank you for choosing me. I chose you.

God: I have chosen you for this day. This day is OUR day, My glory will be revealed in my chosen vessel. Let nothing stop you. Let nothing hinder you. Keep fighting, keep running, Cut off all dead things. Cut out all dead things. Trade your garment for mine. NO MORE SADNESS. JOY IS YOUR PORTION. PEACE IS YOUR PLACE. Distraction has no power in my presence. Lack has no place in my presence. Frustration has no place in my presence. Debate and double-mindedness have no place in my presence. I have set a place for you alone. Bring none of those things with you. I brought you here. The wilderness and the desert were the only way to get you here. I equipped you for the wilderness. I equipped you for the desert. I equipped you for the journey. I took you that way so the weights and burdens could die there. Now you are in a place of abundance and peace. Don’t forfeit it to quench a foreign voice. Live with me. Sup with me. Live with me. I am with you. I am with you . I AM WITH YOU! Don’t be afraid, don’t fret. I am with you.

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